We offer information and advice about available psychosocial support for migrants and refugees. If necessary, we can help you get in touch with the appropriate support providers.

*We offer counselling in all languages using the language skills within the team or with the help of interpreting services. Please contact us.

We offer information about appropriate support for migrants and refugees who experience psychological difficulties, as well as for friends and family members. If you are having difficulties such as sleeping disorders, concentration problems or sadness, or know someone who needs help and support, please get in touch with us!

Berlin has a rich offer of health care and support providers. We will help you find the best type of support from the wide range of psychosocial, psychotherapeutic or psychiatric care, everyday assistance, employment or occupational therapy, opportunities for social encounters etc.

On request we can contact these institutions, arrange an appointment and, in some cases, accompany you. The main goal is that you find suitable psychosocial Support.

We do not undertake treatment, therapy or specific support in difficult life circumstances ourselves. TransVer instead provides access to psychosocial support and directs you to the actual provider of support.

Our counselling and information service is free of charge. Our various language skills (German, Polish, English, French, Romanian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) and the possibility of working with interpreting services allow us to offer our services to a wide group of people, irrespective of their first language. We are a team of social workers, psychologists and social scientists trained and experienced in psychiatric work. Having many years of experience in this field, we provide professional and appropriate support for any issue.


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